Maker of Jackets

ELVINE was founded in 2001 by the Swedish street artist
Daniel MändHe named the company ELVINE in homage to his grandmother
Elvine Mänd, a rigorous seamstress from Estonia who fled
to Sweden’s second city Gothenburg in the 50’s.

Her creative grandson inherited her passion for craftsmanship,
genuine quality and a keen eye for detail. Growing up on the streets in
a suburb called Kortedala, Daniel wanted to create something
that came entirely from him and Gothenburg’s unrefined street culture,
but made in the tradition of his grandmother.

ELVINE was born, and has since then offered casual no-nonsense clothes
with a touch of smartness and great fit for a relaxed lifestyle in the city.
In other words, sophisticated clothes for unsophisticated behaviour
that suit sidewalks rather than catwalks.